Nexus 4 initial impressions (Battery Life Update2)

First off let me start by saying I can't believe I actually found one. My initial plan was to get the phone through the play store, but most of us know how that panned out... I decided to join my families plan on TMobile, and after calling many stores, I it seems that the Nexus 4 would remain beyond my reach for quite a while. For some reason I decided to check out XDA, because if anyone would know how to get their hands on one, you would find them on XDA. Sure enough there was a post about all the T-Mobile stores that had them in the U.S. I scrolled down to NY and found that only 1 store still had it (on 34th street between 7th and 8th). A few hours later, the Nexus 4 was mine.

So onto my impressions so far.


When I first saw the leaked pictures of the phone, I thought that it was tacky and was hoping that there would be other Nexus devices to choose from. However, having the phone in my hand I can honestly say this is a beautiful device.

In regards to physical appearance, I love the phone's design. It isn't the most original design out there but it is put together extremely well. The phone feels really solid despite the glass back and front. I never understood what people complained about with Samsung's build quality but now I see where they are coming from (I still wouldn't call Samsung's materials cheap though). The phone definitely feels more solid than the Galaxy Nexus to me, though I am worried about dropping the phone, and I am definitely more careful with this phone than I was with my Galaxy Nexus.


This phone is fast... really, really FAST. Coming from a Galaxy Nexus with Jelly Bean, I am blown away by how much more responsive the Nexus 4 is. I haven't hit any stutter or lag whatsoever except for Chrome (come on Google, fix it already!). Apps launch quickly, transitions are really smooth, and touch responsiveness is great. One thing I loved to use on my Galaxy Nexus was face unlock. The only problem (for me at least) was that it was a tad bit too slow in recognizing my face. It was definitely much faster to use a pattern unlock than face unlock on the GNex. This isn't a problem on the Nexus 4. Face unlock is much much faster on this phone, and it unlocks my phone faster than I can unlock my phone with a pattern.

Android 4.2 doesn't bring that much more in terms of features compared to 4.1 but considering that 4.0 was quite a huge jump from 2.3, and that 4.1 was also a significant jump from 4.1, I'm not complaining.

A few things I need to get use to with 4.2:

I'm on the fence about the new quick settings. On the one hand it is much better than having to go through the full settings menu, but on the other hand, I wish that some of the settings acted as toggles.

The new lock screen widget is a great idea that I'm hoping developers will take advantage of. Right now from the few widgets you can add to the lock screen, the only useful one (to me) is the calendar widget.

Aesthetically not much has changed from 4.1 to 4.2. A few icons have been changed, new wallpapers have been added, a few new ringtones have been added, and menus have been cleaned up. 1 minor thing that has changed for the better is the clock app. Google has included a stop watch and timer to the clock app, and the main clock itself now has the hour in bold. I'm actually a fan of having the hour in bold.

I would definitely strongly recommend getting this phone to anyone looking to get an Android phone. This is definitely the best Nexus so far and in my opinion the best Android phone out there (with the S3 coming in at a very close second).

Alright that's all for now (its pretty late) if you have any questions about the phone feel free to ask and I will answer them as best I can.

Battery Life Update

So the first day is over, and while I'm not too happy with the battery life it is still better than what I was getting on my Galaxy Nexus. I also realized that the first day will not be indicative of overall battery life. For starters after I got the phone yesterday, I didn't run the battery down before I charged it. Also the phone was left on while it charged throughout the night. Based on past experience, it is better to run the battery down before the first charge.

First of you should know:

  • Screen was on for about 3 hours (sorry, I forgot to take a screen shot of this)
  • Display was set at automatic
  • Haptic feedback is enabled
  • Bluetooth was on for almost the whole day. I pair my blue tooth headset with my phone to listen to music
  • I listened to music for most of the time that the phone was on (Pandora, and Google Music).
  • Some of the music I listened to was streamed
  • Background sync remained on (even when riding the train underground)
  • I sent a couple of text message and made a few calls
  • I used the browser a lot (especially to chat with you guys)
  • Also keep in mind, that since it is new I fiddled with it more than I normally fiddle with my phone.

So here are the results:








(Battery Update 2)

I have to say I'm a little concerned about battery life. Today was better than the last time. I listened to music all day, but my screen time was much lower than last time because today was a busy day.

When I had my Galaxy Nexus, I would unplug at 8:00 am and wouldn't need to plug back in till around 9:00 pm. I achieved that today with the Nexus 4 but without heavy screen usage.

I'm also suspecting that I might have a rogue app that is draining my battery, my battery hasn't been properly calibrated, or I have a defective phone (hopefully not the case). The reason I think this is because when I got out of my last class I had 16% battery life left, but all of a sudden it dropped to 6% in 2 minutes.

Anyway here are the results: