Streaming music to XBOX 360, using the Windows 8 XBOX Music app.

Hi everyone ! I hope you have a great discussion here.

Before we go any further, i wanted to clarify that i'm not talking about the remote playback that you launch using the charms by going to the Devices button and selecting the XBOX 360, which will launch another interface and prevents any game or the XBOX interface from loading until it's done, i'm talking about streaming while my PC is simply ON, and after sett'in up everything i don't have to worry about it...

When i had Windows 7 i used to use ZUNE and love it, the Metro interface made all the difference to me and i found that using it is seamless, and pretty awesome ! In the settings you had an option where you can stream videos, music and photos to your XBOX, and then all you have to go is let your PC on and go to your libraries on the XBOX and enjoy your media with the network power... now on Windows 8 the option isn't there in the XBOX Music app... my understanding is that it's a ModernUI app, it shouldn't run any background clients after it's being closed, but Microsoft could've work on a "desktop" client to allow users to stream their music with no hassle and seamlessly to their XBOX, Windows definitly have that option, but it only works out for me in Videos and Photos, but for Music it doesn't sync up my playlists in XBOX Music with Windows Media Player (INSANE given how Microsoft emphesis on the interactivity between their different sets of software) so my only choice remains to wait for a futur update that will bring up this feature to the app (but i doubt that i'll run off of ModernUI, it'll probably bring up some kind of "desktop" client running in the background) or do the damn work and try to copy my freak'in damn playlists again, iTunes style... (if this program can stream my music i'll probably set some playlists on it instead on the cluncky WMP...)

So yeah, if you guys encountered this problem and got to the point where the XBOX Music experience on Windows 8 is actually more capablity-limited than Windows 7's ZUNE, you can point it out here, and especially about the Music streaming problem, i've spent a long time refining my playlists and it's a true pain in the butt to get all that set up in another music player that can actually stream it through WiFi to my XBOX... :(