Switching to Android! - Nexus 4 + iPad + Mac = ?

Hey everyone,

Recently I have decided to make the switch from iOS to Android (Jelly Bean obviously being the deciding factor). The post is about deciding factors of the switch to Android, what phone I am going to get, how I'm gonna get it and help from you guys on how it will work together with OS X and iOS...

The combo OS

"4.2 iOS X "


I would say the best Apple product is OS X, the best desktop OS out there, thus my computer is undoubtedly a Mac. My tablet is a 64GB iPad 4 (black) as the tablet ecosystem in iOS is unrivalled. I would probably stitch this altogether with Netflix, iTunes and an Apple and Google TV (suggestions welcome). With a dash of Android...

The phone OS

"Android is calling..."


I finally saw an "as polished as iOS" phone OS. It just seems nicer than iOS. Cooler. Awesomer.

I AM NOT saying iOS is bad - just outdated - it's amazingly solid,but I just don't think it's for me on an iPhone anymore.

I have decided to switch to Android because of 4.2 Jelly Bean. Since the 4.1 update Android has caught my eye.

There is just something about Jelly Bean, there's an X-Factor that iOS just doesn't have. Android is calling...and I am answering.

The phone

Ahhhh, now choosing the phone. So many Android phones.

"I arrived at the Nexus 4. How?"


Well. The first being stock Android.

"Stock rocks."


In iOS 5.1.1 I jailbroke my iPhone. The amount of tweaks, apps and hacks I actually liked was crazy. The crazy number was 2. Yep, thats right. TWO. And all they where was Installous (cracked apps, bad of m) and MxTube (YouTube downloader). The upgrade to iOS 6.0.1 still hasn't brought a steady jailbreak, so I'll skip that.

I hate Sense, TouchWiz and pretty much ANY Android skin you can name, the skin and the fact that you only get update a year down the line urks me. So stock is the way to go. I know I can root and then flash CM 10 on most Android devices, but its a pretty major pain from what I have heard. This rules out 2 out of 3 of my options - GS III and One X. I would want to root the Nexus 4 for the odd tweak, but I would keep the ROM stock.

The second thing is hardware.

"The Nexus 4 according to Google is the fastest phone in the world. What they mean't to say is the fastest worldwide phone."


The US (Galaxy) S3 matches the Nexus 4 spec by spec in a lot of areas, but thats the US S3. Not the worldwide one.

The Nexus 4 has a whopping 2 GB of RAM, Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro powering a 320 ppi IPS 4.7" display. Other tech specs include wireless charging, NFC, an 8MP rear facing camera and Corning Gorilla Glass 2.

The third is price.

The price tag? For 16GB. A staggering $399. Half that of the international Galaxy S3!

The problems

"There is however no LTE. No problem. Why?. Let me explain."


LTE. I live in South Africa. Commercial LTE launched in Joburg 1 week ago. Limited coverage. Go figure. I'm moving to a 3G only part of SA. Thus I will get those HSPA+ speeds. WiFi will be fast there and hardly anyone uses the 3G network. I'm cool. Cool without LTE.

"Getting it here is gonna be a pain!"

Getting it here maybe hard. That is, if it doesn't come here (which LG SA seems to indicate, but Dion Wired (countrywide tech retailer) says they are trying very hard to get in) (The Nexus 7 32GB arrives here in 2 weeks which could also mean the 10 and 4 will follow). It could also get shipped to my gran in the UK via Amazon, as she visits SA a lot. Suggestions?

Speccing it

"16GB now or 32/64GB later?"

I really feel like 16GB isn't enough. There is a chance in 3 months that higher GB come out but it's not certain. Thoughts?


Help with the Android switch?

Do you have any ideas for making the iOS, Android and OS X combo easier? Tips and tricks? Useful software? Anything? Please post in the comments below ---->

"Thanks for reading and helping out!"