Am I too sensitive about DRM?

Like many of you, I am in the Apple ecosystem and pretty happy there. It started with an iPod Classic about 4 years ago, and that eventually extended itself to an iPhone, then a MBP and finally an iPad. All my music is on iTunes, and I now buy all my music from there (even when it's a little more expensive elsewhere; a mixture of iTunes in the Cloud and idleness) and it works well enough for me.

The next project is to get movies and TV shows on iTunes and acquire some Apple TVs. I am resigned to ripping all of my DVDs using handbrake, and while this isn't too much hassle for movies it is a bit of a bore for TV shows. Such is life. But going forward my choices seem to be: buy from iTunes, or continue to buy DVDs and rip.

Buying from iTunes is hassle free, but stuff is more expensive (and often not modestly so) and it comes with DRM. DVDs are a great and currently flexible storage medium, but come with the hassle (and quality loss?) of ripping.

My main problem is the DRM though. I do not want to end up with £1000s of movies tied to an ecosystem that becomes obsolete or no longer suits my needs. While I am all in for Apple now I may not be in 10 years, and who knows what technology will hold in 20 years.

What are your thoughts? Buy DVDs and rip, or succumb to iTunes DRM?