Lumia 920: Which color should I get?

I currently own a black Lumia 800 and I'm planning to upgrade to the 920 within the next 2 months or so.

At first I was planning to get a black or Grey one (whichever Color Comes with a matte finish), but after seeing the phone on several Videos and photos I must say I really fell in love with the glossy red Color.

My only concern is the theme Color choice of WP8. I usually Change the theme Color on my Lumia 800 every now and then to have "something fresh".

I can't imagine that green or blue tiles would look good on a red Lumia, though I haven't really seen that so it's difficult to judge.

So, to all the owners of a colored Lumia 920 - what do you think? Have you tried out other theme Colors? Does the phone's Color get boring already / do you regret your decision? I'd love to know.