Fellow Europeans: do you have Sound Search now?

I'm sure none of you missed the recent launch of Google Play Music in our Good Old Europe. A lot of us have been waiting for it for some time, so that's great!

But even though Play Music now works for me, the Google Sound Search widget is still blocked. I know for a fact that I used Sound Search on my Galaxy Nexus for a while before the widget just vanished from my homescreen; a follow-up Google search revealed that Sound Search was not meant to be available in Europe because of the same licensing worries that had kept Music out of Europe at the time. But now that Play Music is available, there really isn't any reason not to also make Sound Search available.

And no, I never had root. I have no idea why I had Sound Search enabled before it got disabled.

Do any of you unrooted people have the widget now? Is it a general problem or just something wrong with my device?