iPad Pro

I would call myself a fan of Apple's products. I own and use my iPhone 4 and iPad 2 everyday and also own 3 iPods of different types. I absolutely love using my iPad and find it to be a great tablet. However, one thing that's always bugged me is the software. Now don't get me wrong, iOS is a great OS. It runs great on my iDevices and I have very few problems. But, with the release of Windows RT and the Surface, I can't help having a dream of a similar kind of OS on an iPad. This is where my idea of an iPad Pro comes along.

With the Surface, Microsoft have created not only a tablet, but also a productivity device. Windows RT which runs on the Surface is basically a stripped down version of Windows 8. However, the fact it's stripped down doesn't make it bad, it makes it enough for a tablet device. Therefore, I have an idea for the same kind of thing with OS X and the iPad.

While the standard iPad would continue to run iOS, there could be an iPad Pro which runs the Mac equivalent of Windows RT. Here are the factors I believe should make up that device :

  • Lauchpad and Dock (instead of basic iOS homescreen)
  • Notification Centre (as in OS X)
  • Touch-enabled versions of iLife and OS X bundled applications
  • True Multi-tasking
  • Ability to have 2 (or more) applications open and on-screen at one given time
  • Mission Control (to control multi-tasking)
  • Finder (to look through files, as in OS X)
  • Multiple User Support
Obviously I don't believe this will ever happen, but it's just my ideas for what I believe would be a fantastic device. Let me know your thoughts below.