Office 2013 licensing nonsense

Now seems like a really good time to buy a copy of Office 2010, right? I mean, they’re going relatively cheap, and you get a free 2013 upgrade too.

So just now I was ready to pull the trigger but figured I should make sure I wasn’t about to run afoul of any unforeseen eligibility loopholes, so I consulted Microsoft’s handy info page for the upgrade program. Everything sounded pretty good until I got to this part:

“One (1) commercial license valid for the lifetime of the PC”

So it sounds like if you upgrade and then drop your computer the next day (or, presumably, perform one too many hardware upgrades), you’re out one not-quite-as-expensive-as-usual-but-still-nothing-to-sniff-at copy of Office.

I asked one of Microsoft’s online support people if this was really the case, but he wasn’t able to understand the question.

I kind of feel like you’d have to be crazy to buy software under those terms. Does anyone know more? As in, does it really work this way? Is it only the free upgrades that work this way?