Galaxy S II vs Nokia 920 - Camera samples with post-processing

I came across this thread in the Microsoft Tribe posted by Jazzwall about pictures taken with his Nokia 920, after a bit of post-processing. Here is a link to an album of sample images he took.

A point that really stood out to me was that according to Jazzwall, the pictures were "normal looking" and not as vibrant or sharp as the iPhone 5's results straight out of the phone, and only after post-processing do the results reach the level they are currently at.

While these are certainly impressive pictures, I would like to counter with pictures I took a while back myself using my aging Galaxy S II. All but the very first picture are taken with it, and also had a bit of post-processing done, but nothing more than slight tinkering contrast and color adjustments.

Here is the album

I don't claim to be an amazing photographer by any stretch, but I do think these images are also competent and to some extent comparable with the album Jazzwall posted. I do understand the lighting and also type of pictures (landscape vs subject) are different, but I still it's a valid showcase of the camera's abilities.

So while I do agree that the Nokia 920 has a good camera, I think it really isn't something special, especially if post-processing is the way to achieve great pictures. Pleasing results can also be achieved with a lot of modern phones, as I hope to have shown with the Galaxy S II. What do you guys think?