(BUG) How to display your deleted photos on iPad

I noticed a bug on my iPad 3 (running iOS 6.0.1) earlier today. It definitely isn't a feature since it could cause troubles for someone. Pardon me, if it was reported before. If you save a partly (or completely) transparent PNG file to your iPad gallery, you'll be able to see one of your deleted pictures as the thumbnail (in the transparent part of the picture). Can anyone confirm this?

More information I could (or couldn't) find out:
1) I don't know how it chooses the picture it shows in the thumbnail, it's not the last deleted one.
2) If you save more empty PNG files, you'll be able to see more deleted pictures in the thumbnails.
3) Everything is fine in Photostream (a white picture is uploaded).
4) This bug seems to be iPad only. It couldn't be done on my iPhone 5 running the same version of iOS.

If you have anything to add to this list, please write it in this thread.