My Concept: If Zune Had Lived On

As we know, MS has officially killed Zune in favour of its (arguably) worse Xbox Music app. It's got less features, more bugs, worse performance, and displays less info in the same space. It also can't sync with Zune/Windows Phone. It kinda sucks.

In the spirit of Zune and it's beauty, I made these in Photoshop over the course of an hour or two a day for several days, so I hope you enjoy.

All images can be found here and here.

Splashscreen & Transition




The splash screen is of course, XBOX MUSIC for MS's new branding. The transition is inspired by the Surface packaging, and a slide to the left to reveal the dashboard would feel as if you're "unpacking" the app.

2. The Dashboard





The dashboard was made in a very similar fashion to 'quickplay', except now you can customize the background! On the left is the collection and pinned apps, artists, songs and playlists. On the right is are the recent tiles that scroll up or down - the Zune HD mixed with the content focused tiles of WP was the inspiration for this. A click on 'collection' would bring up the entire collection. Similarily, a click or tap on store would bring up the store. Connecting your phone or switching to phone would bring up this:


Phone data would be backed up or synced would show you the data from the last sync.

3. Collection


Collection hasn't changed all too much, I chose to keep it familiar. The now playing section has been moved to the centre on the bottom. The bottom right number tells you how far the track has progressed. Hovering over the preview-album image would bring up the track slider. Dragging the slider would work just like any other program, except that the right numbers update to the time in the song you're sliding to. I opted for the "Albums, Genres, Songs, Playlists" to be located in the drop down beside the albums to keep the clean look going, otherwise it would be cluttered.

4. Now Playing



Didn't change much for Now Playing. The cover is larger, the full song list is on the right, and the slider is much like the Modern UI app, and the music controls slide up and get larger. The artist background is the same, except with updated images.

P.S. Sorry for the crappy resolution screen buttons. I ripped them off of Zune and was too lazy to make them.

P.P.S. I will make a "Store" shot, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

I look forward to feedback.