According to Futureshop, the Galaxy Note 10.1 runs.... Windows 8?

As I was strolling through the isles of Futureshop checking out various tablet's and computers, one thing in particle caught my eye...



The huge Windows 8 logo on the Galaxy Note 10.1 product information sheet.

You'll notice (if you can read it) in the small font on the lower left hand of the information sheet it does say it runs Android 4.0 ICS, but let's be honest, the vast majority of consumers will see the large Windows 8 logo, and perhaps without any prior knowledge of what Windows 8 looks like, purchase the product under the assumption that it is in fact running Windows 8.

Anyways, of course it's not a huge deal, but just thought it was a funny little error that I snapped a picture of to share with my fellow Vergers!