Galaxy SIII or HTC One X? (Update: I Bought it!)


today i bought a brand new One X+ for £400, which is roughly how much a GS3 or normal One X costs, so im quite happy with the purchase. I will update again with pictures and my first impressions if anyone is interested.

thanks a lot to all, you helped me a great deal and i believe i made the right decision in the end!

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Hi Guys,

after my failed attempts at buying an unlocked 920 in uk (to use on 3) i decided to forget about WP and go back to Android. I sold my Galaxy Nexus about 3 weeks ago, mainly because i thought when N4 comes out, it'd become worthless, with N4 being so cheap unlocked. I actually sold it for £200 which im very happy with.

With my galaxy nexus, i was very happy with the software but hated the hardware, it felt slow and the camera...

any how, im not going to buy a Nexus 4, mainly because i think it's really boring to look at and i want a good, thin hardware & a first for me, a white phone.

I was really decided on One X because i just love the design, but in my research, i kept hearing and reading how much better batterylife is on GS3 and how better the camera is etc. so im gonna tell you what's important to me, and those of you who owns a One X or GS 3 can help me choose what's best for me.

Firstly, i will flash and install CM10 on whichever phone i get on day one. after using stock jb, im not using sense crap or the wiz...

Things I Like About HTC One X:

Screen, amazing design, thin profile

Things I Like About Galaxy SIII:

supposedly fast cpu, amazing camera, expandable memory and large battery

Things I Don't Like About HTC One X:

Smallish battery, camera is not flush with the phone and pops out, badly placed unlock key

Things I Don't Like About Galaxy SIII:

Horrible horrible design, flimsy battery cover, plasticy feel, pentile screen and it's becoming the iphone where 6 outta 10 people own it regardless of where you are.

Basically what i want from my phone is to be durable, as im planning to keep it for a minimum of 18 months, the battery to last a light - medium day, well supported in the hacking scene and a better camera than Galaxy Nexus.

So if you have one of these phones or experiences with them, enlighten me with your wisdom!



I have been offered a very good deal, where i can get the OneX+ at the same sort of price as the OneX and GS3.

all i want to know is if there are any custom roms for it etc. im only interested in CM10, which i think is the closest you get to pure android 4.1.