A Windows Phone user who went back to Android for a cup of coffee AKA Why I choose to stick with Windows Phone


So I decide to give Android a bit of a twirl as I wait for the Lumia. Just to see if it has stopped being a PoS since the last time I saw it. Two days into it and the damn Google Play store won't work anymore on 3G. Did every error check possible and it still won't work. Some Googling (Heh) points out that it's no isolated incident and is in fact, a common occurrence across brands, as can be seen here:


I find it amazing that Android users cut Google so much slack even though they have been treating their users as lab rats for years and still won't take responsibility for some of the absolute fails in the world's best selling operating system. The easy defense that every Android supporter goes to when I mention any issues with an Android handset is that it's a manufacturer issue and that the Android that Google sends out is picture perfect in every way. Well it isn't. See the thread above.

The conversation usually goes like this:

Me: "I have a problem with this Android handset".

Phandroid: "See, there's your first mistake. You chose brand A when you should have chosen brand B".

Me: "I was under the impression that no matter what brand I choose, I get Android. Ok, I wouldn't mind brand B, but they have shitty build and I hate their skin".

Phandroid: "Oh, you can fix that skin by going to xxx forum and clicking on the 37th link on page 342.

Me: "That link says camera not yet functional. I tend to use the camera a bit, you know".

Phandroid: "Ok, then get brand C. They have good build and their skin looks nice".

Me: "But they have terrible update history. Some of their phones are still stuck on gingerbread!".

Phandroid: "If you want regular updates, your only choice is Nexus".

Me: "But that one doesn't have LTE and they are just beginning to roll out LTE in Singapore".

Phandroid: "Ok, then you're SOL".

There you go. "Choice" in Android is a myth. With every choice you make, you're making an even bigger sacrifice. Which is OK, but what bothers me is that at no point of time, the Android supporters are willing to hold Google accountable for the gross inconsistencies that plague the Android ecosystem. I have a problem with this. Why? Because these manufacturers are not just implementing Android, they are implementing GOOGLE'S vision of Android, with Google apps and all that. There's a difference. I wouldn't hold Google accountable for anything that Amazon does with the Kindle Fire because they took Android and turned it into something totally independent. But with partner manufacturers, I want Google to be accountable for the end user experience. I want Google to work with partners to ensure that issues such as the one I experienced does not make their way to the end user. Then and only then, would Android be worthy of its #1 status.Until then, I cannot see myself using Android as my primary operating system. Nor will I recommend it to anyone.

Lastly, this is why I choose to stick with Windows Phone. Because it just works out of the box and it works well, no matter if I choose Nokia, HTC, Samsung, ZTE or whoever. As an end user, I couldn't give a flying duck if it's not "Open source".

I choose to stick with Windows Phone because it works. Not because Microsoft makes pancakes for my breakfast and pays my rent. /LongRant