Podcasts in W8 and WP8

There have been a few reports, and confirmations, that the old method of syncing content from Windows to Windows phone with Zune has been broken with the transition to Windows 8 and Windows phone 8 using the Xbox branded media management.

I wasn't too upset; I figured even if it was a bad interface, most of the function seemed to be intact and would get better with time.

However, one thing did occur to me. Currently I use Zune to download podcasts and sync to my Windows 7.5 phone. I have been made to understand that now this is handled by subscribing through the phone, but some of the podcasts I subscribe to aren't podcasts in the truest sense of the word. That is, they aren't podcasts in the Zune store (and some probably not even iTunes), rather, they are rss feeds on websites which I've indicated to Zune are podcasts and it treats them accordingly.

Will this be possible with W8/WP8? Can I subscribe a podcast through the WP interface similarly? Has anyone else had to deal with this issue?