I just can't bring myself to like Windows 8

I bought a Microsoft Surface and Lenovo Yoga and was extremely excited when I got them! I used them non-stop from October 26th to about a week ago. My Surface was very slow and buggy and the way Microsoft did tabs, in my opinion, was very unintuitive. I like the big tabs but swiping down and waiting a bit when I select it just because it's so slow. It's not horrible on a touchscreen but on my Yoga's trackpad I felt like shooting myself. And I'm only limited to 10 tabs which is crazy! I'm sorry I am very picky about my web browser and I don't want to use a non-windows 8 store browser application. The whole desktop thing makes me want to rip my hair out.

I really and I can't stress how much I really wanted to like these products but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I found it a big productivity waster. Especially with Skydrive. I was a heavy google drive user and I switched to skydrive and it irked me quite a bit. I downloaded the office 13 preview for my Lenovo but it would uninstall my trackpad software which made the trackpad pretty much unusable. I know it's just a preview but boy was it annoying.

So here I am typing on my old mac on my wonderful trackpad with unlimited tabs. Thinking how much I don't like Microsoft. I have been trying to leave apple in the mobile space but Android was never quite it. Windows Phone doesn't have enough apps and needs a bit more features but definitely on the right track and so is Windows 8. But I don't want to be a beta tester as I have been with with windows phone 7. I kept saying to myself "It's on the right track and it will get there someday!". I will probably get back on when Windows 8.5 comes out and they worked out most of the bugs. And most definitely will probably switch to Windows 9. That's my 2 cents! Don't want to be a hater just giving my opinion.