Let's get real on the Lumia 920 review

Let's agree to some basic points:

  • Josh had a great point... very few of us have actually held the device.
  • The phone is heavier and larger than most other phones.
  • Dieter used foible 2 freaking times in the review, which is amazing.
  • Dieter also took a picture of his toothbrush. No comment there.

I'm ditching my Verizon iPhone 4s, paying the early termination fee for 2 lines, and switching to AT&T for the Lumia 920. I'm doing this for three reasons: the camera, Nokia transit (transport), and WP8. I like my iPhone alright. I think the OS is stale. There's also a bug that I experience quite often (so often that it is probably me) in that copy doesn't "stick." That's just a minor nuisance. The big problem is the fact that my fingers are so big that I cannot hit the m button consistently without hitting the backspace. It’s infuriating and makes the phone practically unusable. When they announced that the iPhone 5 was only going to be longer and not wider, I decided to jump ship. I know that android has made incredible progress in the past year+ since I owned the Droid Incredible, but I was so burned by that POS that I will NEVER go back to android. It's irrational; I know. I remember several tech sites touting the Droid Incredible as “better” than the iPhone 3GS when it came out, and there’s just no way that that could be true from my experience.

I think we need to give the Verge guys some credit for the work that they do and not explode in a rage of “bias” this and “bias” that at every turn. I don't think that the review is biased, but I definitely think that it is influenced by the people who write it. They have a half dozen phones at any point in time and adding the weight of 8 United States quarters to the iPhone 4s is probably a pretty big difference to them, but for somebody who only carries one phone it might not be that big of a deal. For a woman with a purse, it doesn’t matter at all. I also think they should review the Otterbox version of the iPhone as that is how it most often appears. I’d love to see Josh freak out about why Apple would design a phone where the screen is inset ½” from the outside case. I carry my 4s without a case, and people comment all the time like I am basically risking my life by doing so. It’s hilarious. Having cases as a part of the ecosystem score (per Josh) for a phone that doesn’t need a case (Lumia 920) is a little odd to me, but I’m parsing here; I know that.

I know CNET is frowned upon on this site, but Dolcourt’s picture comparisons among the iPhone 5, 8x, and 920 show that the 920 is not always the best camera for every single shot (http://www.cnet.com/8301-17918_1-57542752-85/nokia-lumia-920-camera-vs-htc-windows-phone-8x-vs-iphone-5/). You can argue about slight color hues or whether they “pop,” but, for me, my iPhone 4s camera is completely useless unless you’re in full sun or destroy the photo with flash. Ever try to get a cute picture of your black dog in your apartment with a flash? It just doesn’t work. For me, the 920 appears to let you take AMAZING low light photos where the competition doesn’t perform at all. When you go out with friends, it’s typically a low light situation (har har). Further, a lot of their gripe with regular photos is probably software tweaks that may come if there’s enough chatter. I’d bet that somebody at Nokia reads the Verge reviews about their products. I think they know the stakes of this product.

I’m not obsessed with apps. I mostly use my phone for messaging, navigation, and the web. I’m not into Instagram or sharing that much of my personal life outside of what I already put up publicly on Twitter. I have a feeling that MSFT is going to start throwing money at the problem. They’re tossing out a cool $1,500,000,000 on ads for Windows 8. I don’t see why they can’t throw a couple million to Facebook to make Instagram for the platform. I recommended that somebody buy the iPhone 5 just yesterday because he uses a functional motion app only available on iOS. I get it for him. I’m just not that tied down.

I also do not understand why anybody would further limit themselves on the Windows Phone platform in terms of apps by buying ANYTHING other than a Nokia phone. It’s bigger than just the Nokia apps, which appear to be fantastic, and I think they’re just gaining momentum with even more exclusives to save their company. If you live in NYC, I think you can justify buying the phone just for Nokia Transit (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDjxst047Kc). It looks absolutely fantastic. A friend of mine in San Francisco bought a used Lumia 900 after her 4s upgraded to iOS 6 because it took her 4 different transit apps to get to school from her house. She was probably doing it wrong, but she loves Windows Phone after using Nokia Transit for a month.

Now, the only real question I have is what color should I get? I’ve been switching daily among cyan, yellow, and red.