Very excited for IOS7! Bring on Jony Ive

Finally! I'm getting the feeling that there will be some change in this up and coming IOS7 update (whenever that may be). I am deeply submerged into Apple's ecosystem, as I use, own, and enjoy a lot of their products. But I was personally never a big fan of the skeuomorphic design presents in IOS (Notes, calendar, and especially game centre). As we all know IOS VP Scott Forstall is leaving Apple, and Jony Ive will take over the responsibility of interface design, which once was one of Mr. Forstall's role's. We also all know and love Jony Ive's Hardware design's. Hopefully he can find ways to incorporate the same smooth, clean, heavily detailed hardware designs into IOS7, without drastically changing things, as that risks the occurrence of confusion and frustration to some consumers. With that in mind, I am very excited to see what IOS7's interface will look like!

What do you, the fellow Verge readers believe? Are you a fan of the current skeuomorphic designs in IOS? Do you believe the same as I do? Or do you simply believe in the saying; "If it aint broke, don't fix it."? Please leave your thoughts and feeling about this topic in the comment section below.