Finding some Android equivalents for iOS apps

After 2 years with the iPhone 4, I am planning on switching to Android (Nexus 4 and 7). I have compiled a big list of apps that I want to download but I am missing some essential ones.

1) An app deals tracker similar to AppShopper (iOS). I need something that can track apps I want and notify me when they go on sale. I would also like to be able to subscribe to an RSS feed of good daily app deals. AppShopper for iOS does both (app and web) but I don't necessarily need them to be the same service.

2) A high end photo editing app similar to Photogene or PhotoForge. I would like to do some quick photo editing on my phone/tablet and I need something that can do more than crop and apply filters. I need something like the apps I mentioned that can do histogram/curves, layers/mask, noise reduction, healing/cloning, etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!