Help me convert. Are these available on android? (N.B not apps)

Calling all power users: I really like the prospect of Nexus 4 lately, which I can easily buy from selling my iphone 4.
Jailbreak is very important to me (and the reason I haven't updated to newer iphone yet). Apps are not an issue as such (but will surely be missed). Here are some of my favourite Cydia tweaks which I have become synonymous with. Is there any counter alternative for these in Android world?
(Most imp to least)

  • SwipeSelection
  • Zephyr
  • AppAnalytics
  • f.lux (i think this is avaliable)
  • DisplayCandy
  • Barrel

And the silent switch! God, I use that alot. Please tell me there is an option to add 'silent profile' to notification center settings

P.S I do not owe allegiance to any single platform, I buy/use products to my preference. Tho, by nature I might be called Apple fan boy by android lovers (what can I say, my two year old ip4 works like a charm).
In short; Cut the fanboy crap. And show your allegiance/love for android by helping me convert.

Any iOS to android converts here? Or vice versa