PowerShell in Windows RT - limited?

I recently found that Windows RT includes PowerShell! Needless to say, I'm delighted.

I'm a heavy user of PowerShell. I use it as my organizer, as a calculator, as a one-stop-shop for administering my system... I even use it instead of Explorer. It's front and centre of my life.

In particular, I use it to make 'smart templates' for Office applications. I've written scripts that use, say, Word's exposed COM objects to populate a new document based on parameters I pass to the script at the prompt, then open it up ready for me to finish. Got my nerd on.

Anyway, I was wondering if anybody who owns an RT device has had the time to use PowerShell in depth? Will I be able to play with Office2013's COM objects? Even better, is the ISE included?

I've taken a look at the WinRT architecture, which forms the base of Windows RT, and it seems .NET and the rest is there. But I'm not proficient enough to infer WinRT's implications for PowerShell.

I've ploughed through the web but the findings have been very limited. If my favourite toy is there in full, I'll give Microsoft some money for it's beautiful-looking Surface.