an idea for all the nexii

been reading about the new nexus a lt these days, how great all of them are, but all of them sharing the same flaw, no sd card slot, for me and a lot of people this is a deal breaker, once you get used to having your phone full of games, apps, your music colection, movies and what not, it´s a bit dificult to get comfortable with less thant this.

so here´s an idea for at least the tablets, i saw the verge video for the introduction of the n4 and n10, and the n10 had all the time a cover on it, i think it would be great if the cover was more integreated with the device, like for example the way it is in the windows surface, it could have an integrated keyboard and be so attached to the tablet so that it uses the micro usb port to connect to it and thus having an sd card slot itself, allowing us to add more storage capacity in a more friendly way than conecting a usb sticck to our new tablet, the same could be made for the n4 and n7, am i dreaming to much or is this posible?