Calling out Dieter and Vlad

Hi guys, great review but call quality concerns me as a consumer.

Since Vlad tested 8X and it scored better than L920 (UK vs. US, I assume), could you please test Lumia 920 call quality in the UK and compare it with 8X on same network?

This is not nit picking, but I just need a phone with best reception and I am from Europe.

Why do I ask?

I know for a fact that Lumia 820 has better call quality and reception than HTC 8X (both on Verizon). In fact, Verizon engineers (my friend works there, they go out to the field and test phone reception prior the sale) were amazed how good it is and it will be one of the main selling points of 820.

Since Nokia is a bunch of idiots and sent you a pre-produciton unit, could you please retest on the same network, preferably not LTE since in Europe we don't have it? Don't even adjust the score, just a single mention would be great and help a lot of people who care about quality in Europe

Thanks again.

P.S. Any hope we will see a display shots of 8X, One X, iPhone 5 and Lumia 920? Not sure if it's better or worse than One X.