Another "Help me to decide" post: HTC 8x on Verizon or Nexus 4 on StraightTalk

Current Verizon user. Will lose my unlimited data if I go with a subsidized phone. Coming off a 4s. Not an apps guy, I can't even fill a screen. Facebook, Yelp, Path, MOG, Good, some GPS sw, etc. Basic stuff. My phone is a way to communicate with friends and family and stay connected to work, not a way to pass the time. That said I very much appreciate well done hw and sw.

Spotty 4G in my area (South Central Wisconsin, USA) so it's a non-issue for me currently.

Really like both of these smartphones, it's a wash. I'm more than willing to be a Microsoft test monkey for the beauty and novelty of the phone and OS. Vlad's review and TIMN of the unit really solidified my admiration for the device.

On the other hand I think this will be the strongest Nexus release yet, and that's saying something. My last experience with Android was an OG Incredible w/ GB, which I didn't dislike but didn't really blow me away either. Now I feel like Android is really coming into its own and I could have a really good experience with the Nexus 4.

I know I'd probably be happy with either but am interested in your opinion, esp. taking into account my needs and situation.

The carrier issue is another ball of wax. Verizon, no complaints other than cost and contract I guess. Straight Talk is an unknown. I used GoPhone briefly about 6 years ago with a dumb phone. Not a good experience. AT&T's network has improved though, and the idea of no contract and lower monthly costs for my wife and I seems very attractive...

If you have experience moving from Verizon to Straight Talk I'd love to hear about it, esp. if you're in the Midwest.

Thanks fellas.