Boxee TV is not particularly useful in a non-DVR market

I bought a Boxee TV yesterday because, hey, why not? That said, since I currently do not live in one of the six pilot cities for the DVR service the box itself is little more than a wrapper for OTA/QAM television content. And really, that's enough for me to justify the purchase. Free television is great, but the channel numbering can be maddening (punching 41-3 on a remote is less than ideal).

Unfortunately, the wrapper that was provided by the Boxee software robots was largely wrong, or unavailable. It flagged FOX as being 17-1, when FOX is actually 6-1 (among other difficulties).

Again, not a huge problem. I can reassign. I'm not completely helpless.

But actually that is the problem -- you can't reassign, and you are completely helpless. So what is left is a box that cannot record anything and then mislabels or cannot identify those channels that it does find. Granted, this is all software and as the Boxee team makes its updates I'm sure they can push through better results. But why not let us help? Why not give an option to correct the channel assignments and push that back to the main server?

So now the big question is: do I take this thing back, or do I ride it out and hope in the coming months updates are pushed through?

Has anyone else given it a whirl in their area? Are results better with OTA vs QAM? (Our place is sandwiched between two huge hills so unfortunately OTA is out of the question)

Also, I'm not digging the new remote.