Relevancy of the Verge's ecosystem score and WP8 vs. the competition

We get it, the Verge bloggers have a hard-on for crapping on the quantity of apps available for WP. But comparing the score and specs side-by-side, the WP8 lineup compares very favorably to the other flagship phones when you adjust for the Apple tax on review scores.

WP will never catch up in quantity of apps and it shouldn't (because who wants a port of 4yr apps that never got download once, or got usurped by a superior competing app etc.) Its also unfortunate that the Verge fails mention that WP8 has 46 of the top 50 apps across platforms making a switch less of a deal breaker for the AVERAGE user. Or the fact that many "app" features are baked into the operating system already.

And sense they already deemed Apple's ecosystem perfect (really?) with a 10 and Android with a 9, I'm failing to see how those scores are relevant even to people who already have the foresight to read those device reviews since that's not something that fluctuates like battery life or screen quality from device to device. Why is that information not relegated to a sentence or pull quote equivalent to: "The apps are abundant and awesome" or "There aren't as many apps as competing platforms"?