Personal Surface Review after one week...

I preordered the Surface tablet without hesitation. I had beta tested Windows 8 for a long time and personally love the OS. While I was a little hesitant about leaving behind all of my x86/64 apps I thought that with IE10 and Office to help ease the transition I would be ok... and oh was I right.

I'm not going to bother talking about the hardware because it is generally written that the hardware is amazing and I have nothing more to add on that note. I will state (directly in opposition to Josh's review) that the 16x9 resolution is not that bad, using the tablet is not awkward or weird to use (in portrait or in landscape). As for the Touch cover... it does take some time to figure it out, but after a couple of days of use I can type almost without error on it without fail (I'm writing this review on my Surface with Touch Cover ON MY LAP USING THE KICKSTAND!! It can be done and it is not that weird.

The app selection is somewhat limited, but my major bases are covered and most everything else I could want or need is promised or on the way. I an not at all worried that I won't be able to do something on my tablet that I would be able to do on another tablet or on my laptop.

Let me also add that I have almost completely gotten rid of my Laptop... It's only use currently is to play Netflix on my bid monitor (I don't have the connector yet, and it's nice to be able to full screen a movie and still have use of my tablet.

I would also like to note that I have shown Surface to a number of my friends and some of my Professors (I'm a CSCI major) and a large majority of them mentioned that it would be majorly preferable to an iPad for them.

All in all Surface is everything I hoped it would be. The only thing I miss is a dedicated Facebook application. I find the people app to be too limited for full Facebook browsing, and while I can (and do) use Full Facebook in the browser, its not quite the joy to use I would like. I'm not worried though, either Microsoft will make an App or someone from the community will make one... (I'm thinking about doing it myself :) ). I highly recommend Surface RT anyone who is on the edge.

One thing I would like to mention that I noticed was fairly common in Surface reviews... Is it not hypocritical to say that the Desktop is impossible to use without a mouse... and yet still complain that Windows RT doesn't have legacy support?? Just a thought...