For All of those Who Will Balk at the review...


The Verge review is out and Josh has said his piece, scoring the phone at 8.3. Honestly 8.5, but it seems Josh took some editor perks and hit the score even harder leaving it at 8.3.

Hey I didn't think it will be lower than the Galaxy Nexus, but hey. I would of lost serious cash if I was a betting man. Here is the thing though, the review is from the point of view of Josh, who feels LTE is a huge deal. For me being on VZW with unlimited LTE it is. But at the same time pure Android is also a huge deal for me. So this doesn't mean I'm going to go by a GSIII or Optimus G. It means I will wait and see what happens in the months to come.

For those of you who can careless about LTE, think on this. add 2 points to the score for reception and call quality. Voila your phone now scores a 8.8. So don't get tied up too much on the number. Just understand why the number is what it is, according to Josh's minds eye.

Also in my opinion I know some people here are weary of Engadget, but I do think they did a more comprehensive review on their site.

Anyway you should always read 2 - 3 reviews of a gadget to get a better idea anyway.