The Verge doesn't get "ecosystem"

Note: This is about phone ecosystems.

I guess I could have posted this in so many other forums but here we go.

When The Verge rates the phones ecosystems it seems like they only look at third party apps. But the ecosystem consists of 4 factors: 3rd party apps, accesories, 1st party hardware and 1st party services/software.

3rd party apps
The iPhone is superb in this part. Not even Android gets the apps first. WP is known to be 3rd by far in this category.

You can get every kind of case for the iPhone. There are tons of speaker docks and you can get a iPhone adapter in most cars. Oops I mean you could. Thing is with the Lightning connector and being taller, the iPhone 5 had almost none accesories at launch. All the cases were to small and you have to buy a new car. Still the iPhone 5 got the exact same score as the iPhone 4 10/10. This indicates that The Verge does not care about accesories.

1st party hardware
I'm talking about all the hardware that makes the phone even better. The three companies (Apple, MS, Google) all have stellar tablets. They also have great entertainment systems, some better than others, in the Xbox, Apple TV, and Nexus Q. However while Microsoft has Windows and Apple has OSX, Google only has the far inferior Chromebook. This category WP=iOS>Android.

1st party services/software
Outlook, Skydrive, Bing, Gmail, Google, Nokia maps, Google maps, Xbox music, Office. I could go on forever. Bottom line Microsoft and Google are far superior than Apple.

I hope this post wasn't a waste of time and made you (and maybe The Verge) think.