iPad Mini

In March when I got my iPad with Retina display I was very skeptical of the rumors that Apple would release an 7 inch iPad (iPad Mini) in the fall. Few months later when the Nexus 7 came out more and more rumors confirmed the iPad mini. At this point I decided that it didn't matter to me, I was going to keep my iPad. I did want to buy the iPad mini for my wife. I saw this as a better fit for her than the current iPad. All my wife does is check email, get on Facebook and watch a show or two on her computer. iPad will be at great fit for her, specially one that fits in her purse.

I couldn't resist. This morning when I walk into Best Buy I purchased two. The 16 GB for my wife and a 32 GB for me. I have a plan to change my set up to the MacBook Pro 15 inch retina display, iPhone 5 and iPad Mini. Two down one to go.

The iPad Mini is beautiful. Specially the black one. Jony Ive and has team have again done something remarkable. I love the form factor. Its amazing how light it is.

But here it is. The screen. Coming from a retina iPad to these, well it just sucks. Never thought I would notice it so much. At first I didn't notice it but after 10 minutes it became clear. Well not really clear, more like blurry. It's not a bad screen. It is just not as good as the retina line up. It actually makes me consider returning my mini. It won't be a problem for my wife, but for me it's a hard choice. I have to make a decision on form factor and screen resolution.

I just hope for the second generation to include a IGZO display with the same resolution as the current iPad. One resolution for all iPads.

For everyone that got the new iPad Mini what do you think? How do you like the screen?