Leaving Windows Phone?

I am a Microsoft fan. I've been so for a long time, and I still am. I've always used Windows on the desktop and I love Windows 8. I've been using Windows Phone since 7.0 and pretty much loved it - until today. I recently checked the Nexus 4 and I realized something, it got a 10 in software. Is Android 4.2 really that great? I'm pretty tired and bored with using Windows Phone for almost 2 years. First on an LG Optimus 7, then I upgraded to a Lumia 800. The upgrade was a mistake since I got pretty much nothing new and fresh. What WP has had the advantage in is the smooth and beautiful UI. But a 4.1+ nexus device has both those things, plus more features and apps. The only thing I'm missing is beautiful hardware like the 8X. I don't want to leave MS, I love their ecosystem of services, but I just might. I simply feel WP isn't as good as STOCK android 4.1+. Tribesmen, what do you say? Can you make me see the positives of WP again? I actually want your help.