Asus Transformer Book- The Search for a "Digitizer"

I just saw the official Asus lineup video and got to notice that there has been no official clue about wheater the device would feature a digitizer/ wacom suport/ pen input.

So I started google-ing and read on a site that claims that the device supports wacom pens. However underneath that article someone that has written an email to Asus about the issue wrote that they have confirmed this, though in a very weird manner.

I unfortunately didn't save the link to this site mainly because I was doing this at college during a lecture, but a digitizer would make a lot of sense to put into the device since it is in my opinion one of the best hybrid solutions that I've seen so far. I also don't see a downside in the 13 inch screen they will be offering, this would only make the actual screen about the same if even not bigger as a normal piece of paper and again would be handy when using it for pen input/note taking. Not to forget the sweet idea of putting a hardrive and a battery inside the dock, though an ssd would've made the thing a little lighter but on the other hand increase it's price. I'll see if I can get an answer from my local Asus suport or find the article I read and would post this on here.

So what do you guys think? Would that be the device competeing against the MS flagship tablet device, the surface pro?