The Nexus, Hypocrisy, LTE, and Double Standards

We all know that the Nexus 4 got a 8.3 and the Nexus 10 also got an 8.3.

But I would like to point out some double standards, hypocrisies, and no-win situations that led to these scores.

First the Nexus 4.

It seems that most of the reason for the low score was the lack of LTE. But why is this such a big deal when except for Verizon LTE coverage is spotty and most of the world doesn't even have it? And how convenient is it that LTE only became the "norm" for evaluating devices and not a niche feature right after the iPhone had it?

And on hypocrisy. Remember back to the Galaxy Nexus. Every Verge article that mentioned it seemed to have some jab about how the Nexus line had failed in its goal by being fragmented and getting delayed updates.

Now Google fixed that and only makes one HSPA version. Now the complaint is no LTE. Nilay was even ranting that Google should have lied and said they had an LTE version but not sell it. Have the Verge staff finally lost it? Google satisfied the Verge's biggest demand of the Nexus line and all it gets are angry shouts about no LTE despite the obvious fact that LTE would mean being tied to upgrade delayed carrier variants?

Low price wasn't even mentioned but when prices are high for any Android devices, that always gets mentioned.

It seems the fanishness for Apple and the antagonism to Android has increased over the past 4 months or so.

Now the Nexus 10.

It offers top end specs and software for $100 less than the competition.

It has a 2MP front camera and a 5MP rear camera. It got rated 6 on cameras.

The iPad mini had a 1.2 MP ff camera and a 5MP rear camera and got rated 8 for cameras. WTF? Can there be no consistency between reviews? And why do the inconsistencies favor Apple's products mostly?

The iPad mini costs $130 more than the competition and offers last year's leftover parts repackaged and a low res screen and it gets a 9.

The Nexus 10 costs $100 less than the competition and offers the best of the best and a high res screen and gets 8.3.

What's driving this urge to downrate Android devices? These are too many "coincidences" to be coincidences.