The Newest Flagship Smartphone is Always the Fastest.... or Not

Anybody remember the scores of people who said:

So what if the iPhone 5 is the fastest smartphone on the market today. That was totally expected. It is the newest smartphone on the market. In a few months we will have a new Nexus and then the Galaxy S4 and then those will be the fastest.

Well, the Nexus 4 is out and the iPhone 5 is still on top according to Anandtech.

So Apple's work on the A6 is so far extremely impressive and supposedly the semiconductor team under Bob Mansfield has some "very ambitious plans" according to Tim Cook. People like to downplay innovations when they don't fit the narrative they are trying to tell and the "technology always moves forward" argument is one of my least favorite arguments. I believe that argument fails to give credit to the innovators who are the ones that actually pushing technology forward.

In my opinion the A6 is so amazing because it pushed performance way forward without simply pushing a beefier chip in there with a higher clock rate. Anybody can shove a bigger gas-guzzling engine under the hood -- that is just using more of the same technology. The A6 is cool because it does it without affecting battery life. It is able to do more computing per clock-cycle than the A-15 chips out there. I'm a big fan of the A6.

Side note: I have to admit that on the UI side of things I see Duarte's team at Google doing some very impressive stuff as of recent. While Apple's iOS still looks good and functions well, stuff like the Jelly Bean camera UI that appears when you tap-and-hold is really nice and that sort of stuff is what pushes UI innovation forward. I'm looking for Ive to get Apple doing more of the pushing now that Forstall is out.