Do you like being committed to one ecosystem?

I don't like the idea at all. The reason I am posting this on the Apple forums is because Apple fans have gotten a head start in committing themselves to services like Itunes and the app store.

And there is no doubt that it is the best ecosystem to be plugged in at the moment but there are other ecosystems looming over the horizon that will be just as great.

Just look at the direction Microsoft is taking, with Skydrive, Smartglass, xbox music, and office. Give it time and it will be a serious contender to Apple, more so than Android.

Android on the other hand has the google ecosystem that I absolutely find it frustrating to distance myself away from. I've been using google drive before it was drive and gmail continues to be my main email service. I would love to just open up Ical on my mac and update my calendar on my android phone but it seems like I can't without going to google's website.

I would like to update my phone and get a tablet but which products should I buy? It isn't as easy buying an iphone and ipad to compliment my mba. I would definitely get an Ipad since I want optimized tablet apps but when it comes to picking a phone, the decision isn't clear enough. While the Ipad reigns supreme over its competition, there are so many directions to take with a smartphone. The new lumia's are decent and the Nexus 4 alongside with the Galaxy S3 are just as good as the iphone in my opinion.

These new tablets,laptops,desktops,and smartphones are increasingly being built to complement one another but as a consumer, I don't commit myself to a brand, I commit myself to what is the best in its class. I don't want a subpar product just because I am committed to one ecosystem.

Any thoughts on this? What are your experiences with using different ecosystems that are currently available?