What about a review of Surface withouth the keyboard?

It is not a mandatory accessory otherwise you shouldn't be able to buy one without it. In fact most points about its "good enough" price are made with the $499 32GB keyboard-less version in mind and reviews shouldn't take it as granted that you will be using Surface with it.

It is not a cheap accessory so not everyone will have one even though big part of the system is made with it in mind.

As it is competing with iPad and many other keyboard-less tablets it would be fair to review it in the same way, even if it was beside the full blown one that includes the keyboard in the overall experience - to see how is it usable in this respect. At least how does the Office work with the onscreen controls only as it is included with the basic model as well.

It should at least get a score with and without the keyboard (like a devices with and without 4G for example, the Verge CMS is capable of this).