So I'm fairly positive I'll be buying a N4 this month. While LTE would be nice, but to tell the truth I find that most of my phone's net needs are fairly light on bandwidth. Not to mention I'll most likely go over to that lovely $30 a month prepaid T-mobile plan to utilize their full speed HSPA+ network. My biggest problem with the Nexus is really just it's size. A 4.3 inch phone would much better suit my pocket and still have plenty of real estate in my mind, but again, stock Android is a strong strong selling point.

What I'm wondering now, though, especially in light of The Verge's recent "not my next" article, is what alternatives are people thinking of? In my mind the HTC One X+ seems to be the only contender I can see that'd be worth it. The GSIII skin and device both look absolutely awful to me, while the One X has always been a looker, and the + is going to speed her up significantly. I'm also attracted to it because it ships with Jelly Bean, and as all Nexus 7 owners have found, Google Now updates by itself since it's completely cloud based, which is a great way Google has figured out to keep other manufacturers' devices "up to date." Does anyone out there have a One? How is the Sense skin? (Also has nobody realized that it's the "sense four skin"?? major oversight haha).

tl;dr We all know what some people are NOT buying (N4), what WILL you be buying?