LTE? Who Cares, I'm getting the Nexus 4 on Launch day.

Everyone is up in arms about the Nexus 4 missing LTE but for me, a T-mobile user, I am completely contented with a lack of LTE.

If I were on Verizon or Sprint, that maybe a different story. Verizon and Sprint needed LTE because their 3g technologies are slow, dated and maxed out.

Here in Cincinnati, I consistently pull 8-14mbps download and 2-5mbps upload all over the city on a 42MBPS HSPA+ capable phone.

I truly believe that once you cross the 8mbps threshold on a mobile phone, going any faster would be unnoticable to most people. At that speed you can do every thing with no lag at all. I'd really doubt that you see a huge improvement from LTE at least here in cincinnati.

The only advantage for LTE for me in Cincinnati is that its faster when I tether but when I'm tethering, usually its just during my lunchbreak and just to browse the web. Do I need to go 20mbps on my lunch break? No, all my needs like that are met at my home Fiber optics connection.

So to me, the nexus 4 is amazing device and more than that, an amazing bargain. A 4.7" IPS HD panel with a quad core CPU and 2 GB for just 350$ unlocked is unreal.

IF your on verizon I get your complaints, but if HSPA+ from T-Mobile is as good as it is in Cincinnati, I dont find the lack of LTE a problem.

Im excited to upgrade my Galaxy Nexus.