Critics and their bubble (Another WP rant)

I think the problem with the WP critics is that they don't live in MS' ecosystem. People who live in MS' ecosystem, or at least use MS' services will find that WP is the best (obviously) But every review complain about the lack of Gmail (or other Google services) integration on WP, but never complain about the lack of integration of other MS' services on Android or iOS. They live in their Google or Apple service, and use that to judge WP. Serioulsy, how many people use Dropbox or Instagram, compared to FB or Twitter? How hard it is to share file, and retrieve that file with Skydrive?

If you review an ecosystem with the software that majority of people not using that ecosystem used, than every player with small marketshare is going to had shitty review. But look at Mac with very small marketshare but glowing review.

I remember Nilay once tweeted (related to Surface), that MS mistake is that they still think that productivity equals MS Office. Get off your bubble, I said, because everyone I know WANTS Office with every tablet they buy. I'm not saying he is all wrong, he just need to broaden his perspective.

Another example of the gap between critics and the general people, is the surface review on The critics panned the Surface, but the user loves it!

/rant off