Surface, every bit as good as promised, despite bad reviews.

I've been playing with a Surface for two days now and I'm really liking it. Windows RT is the perfect companion for a full flegged Windows 8 desktop system.

The transition between your desktop system and a your tablet is something that needs to be experienced, specially with cloud syncing of apps and services microsoft is really bluring the line between devices, an experience quite unique to the Windows ecosystem.

After all the bad reviews that ultimately lead me to cancel my Surface preorder (a desision that I now regret), I've been thinking that I may be using a turbo boosted unit, because, this thing is FAST, it feels much faster than Android ever did on Tegra 3 even with Jelly Bean, app launches in particular are a little slower, but that has to do more the way the application initialization manifest are handled, There is a notable delay on applications that depend on web/cloud services and the problem increases if your connection is not fast or has a lot of latency. All in all the avg startup time for apps round 3-5 seconds, but nothing like you see on reviews, I'm wondering if the fact that the Surface I'm using has all of the avaliable updates has to do with the great performance I'm seen and that early reviewers did not get.

On the ecosystem stuff, granted, there are not that many Windows 8 apps avaliable, but for those who are already living in the Windows ecosystem (zune pass, xbox live,, xbox etc...) Windows 8 makes it very robust, specially because you are running the same applications, services and features on your desktop and your tablet, I really think this is the future and Microsoft is taking the lead already, however, there is a lot to do still from thirdparty and firstparty developers so that all experiences can be porter over the cloud no matter what device are you using.

So "Who is this thing for?, what it is supposed to be?" well after using it, I find that the Surface and any RT tablet are complements to your desktop/portable system, it is not a replacement, but a light weight companion, that you can take with you and still do some work, things like native support for remote desktop makes this device an incredible value for people like me, who do very heavy work on his desktop system and just need something portable for light office editing and to stay connected.

The surface is just one of the many types of devices where Windows 8 can be run, this is not a laptop replacement its not a true table, however if you are the kind of person who do not run a lot of thirdparty software, and mostly used his browser and Office (like many, many people do), the Surface is the device for you.