After 5 Months I Still Love My Nexus 7

I got one of the first nexus 7's on store shelves in Canada, and I still love it today. It is the device I reach for first between my phone, desktop, netbook, ultrabook and 10" tablet. I was lucky, my display is firmly attached to the rest of the device and isn't horribly washed out, YMMV, but my Nexus 7 is the best screen in my house.


I love the way it feels. Nobody comes close to the Steve McQueen feel.

I love reading on this device, between books, RSS and Pocket I've always got something to plant in front of my eyballs. On a vacation this summer, I spent a week reading articles in Pocket instead of the stack of books I brought with me.

I love the GMail app. I've maintained a pretty constant inbox(0) since I got it. I can't imagine email being better, you don't even need pinch-to-zoom since it renders the whole email in landscape. *swoon*

I love watching youtube and TV on it. Its light enough that I can just curl up with it in the corner of my couch for hours on end. It's fast enough to watch the Vergecast live, something I haven't been able to do reliably on any other mobile device.


I love the handful of tablet apps. I wish there was more, but Holo apps are just so pretty and so useful. I can't wait until there's a gazillion of them. Even with the limited selection, I have over 100 apps installed. All that's really left are the things I don't know that I want.


I love getting my updates from google. When 4.2 came out, I just downloaded and flashed it. no waiting. no bull. Its something that I'm used to from having a Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S, but it never gets old.


I love playing games. I'm not much of a gamer. Before the N7, my crowning acheivement was probably getting 3 stars in every angry birds level, or almost finishing Bastion. With the nexus 7, I'm totally hooked on minecraft, windup knight, meganoid, sword and sworcery, mcpixel, and more. They weren't kidding when they said the designed it with gaming in mind. I really like that the soft buttons are in the middle when I'm playing a game in landscape. I haven't accidentally exited a game yet.


I love Jellybean. I'm normally a big fan of custom ROM's and I've used Cyanogenmod on every android device I've owned, except the nexus 7. Jellybean is that good, I don't feel its missing anything. I never thought I would be happy with a stock ROM. I don't even know what it would take to make me switch. That's huge.


I love typing on the screen. Both portrait and landscape are pretty great. The new keyboard is good enough, though I loathe autocorrect and sometimes yearn for gingerbread's less aggressive correction.

Beam is awesome. I don't have to think about which device I do things with, if I need to switch, I just jam the two of them together. Schwing indeed.


I love the battery life. This thing lasts a week on a charge, or a full day of continuous use. It also fixed the battery life on my galaxy nexus because I use that gadget less.

I love that it fits in my back pocket. I can just wander the house with my tablet in tow.


I'm sure google is going to do a follow-up device next year and release it at I/O and I will almost certainly be getting that one. This gadget has made me a full-on Google fanboy. I will be excitedly mashing the 'Buy' button on Play, but when it comes time to sell my current Nexus 7, unlike the countless android gadgets I've tossed aside before it, it'll come with a tinge of sadness. No device has ever felt so personal or close. So congratulations Google, you've not just made an Android device that I need, you've made one that I can fall in love with.