The Dell XPS 12 and Acer Aspire S7 aren’t your average laptops. They’re premium, and unique.

One is a razor-thin, Gorilla Glass-infused attempt to transform Acer’s reputation, the other Dell’s carbon fiber-laced realization of an idea that was ahead of its time. Both start at $1,199 for a Core i5 processor, 4GB of memory, 128GB of solid state storage, and a brilliant 1080p touchscreen display, but each has its own special way of running Windows 8. The Acer Aspire S7’s screen bends backwards 180 degrees to lay completely flat on a table, sharing a 13.3-inch or 11.6-inch display, while Dell’s XPS 12 has a 12.5-inch monitor that literally spins 180 degrees inside its aluminum bezel, turning the machine into a tablet.

Each computer has its pros and cons, so we’re putting them head to head in this review. Which of these two machines is the best Windows 8 laptop? Which is the best tablet? Should you spend upwards of $1,200 to bring either of them home?