Is the GH2 Still a Good Buy?

I'm looking to upgrade from a point-and-shoot to a mirrorless camera. I love the industrial design and physical dials and controls on the high-end NEX (6 & 7) cameras, but between the cost and lens selection I'm hesitant. I'm certainly not a pro, but I'm running up against the limits of my Galaxy Nexus and my Fujifilm point-and-shoot. I take photos in a nightmarish array of different situations, Freestyle skiers at my hill, concerts/music festivals (night and day, short and long zoom, bands/stages and concert-goers, ect), landscapes out in the mountains, street shots around the city, parties, indoor shots of gadgets and musical instruments. This comes with a hunger for decent lenses that seems to be served better and more affordably on micro four thirds than it is on NEX.

Micro has a wide selection of cameras, but I'm not especially stoked on any of them. They all seem to be either a point and shoot with a detachable lens or a miniature DSLR. There seems to be nothing as sleek or sexy as a NEX-7 that doesn't also forgo the dials and controls. Right now, I'd rather go function over form, it'd be better to be tempted in the future by sexy cameras than struggle with a hampered, but nice looking shooter. I need to keep the size down as a lot of music festivals don't like you to bring in DSLR cameras, but most m4/3 cameras are small enough not to attract too much attention.

One camera that seems to be following me around is the Panasonic GH2. Reviews all say it was a high point for m4/3 in image quality and that its basically the best-in-class for video. I'm not as interested in video as I am in stills (though the ridiculously high video quality might encourage me to film more things), and I can't find much about the still photo quality, so I'd love to hear from Vergers who have this camera. How do you like the image quality? Is it ageing well for you? With the GH3 on the horizon, I'm expecting a lot of these to hit ebay in the next month, is it a good buy or will I be better off with something else?