iOS Refresh Concept

A little over a week ago I came across this post and just felt like I'd join in and put a few screens together. I've played around with these on and off, and they're not really going anywhere further. Nothing exceptional but take a look and let me know what you guys think. Preview below, and full view here.

Edit: Thanks everyone for the comments. Interesting to hear some of the stronger reactions. Definitely some valid criticism, too. Please note that this isn't necessarily the direction I'd want Apple to take or anything. Although I'm a WP user, I tend to do a lot of these explorations for various platforms whenever I have time or I feel like it.

Regardless, because I used the iphone 5 hardware here, I actually held back in making more substantial changes (especially to the home screen). Interestingly, many people seem to prefer dark type on light backgrounds, and I did explore that direction (might post it later on). Anyway, thanks again for checking these out.