Scott Forstall and Amazon a Match?

I just watched an interview with Bezos on Charlie Rose and it got me thinking about Amazon. They are the only real threat to apple on the mobile front with the amount of content they have to offer. Bezos said the hardest thing about putting together the tablet was the software. They use the android operating system simply as a shell. Almost against there will it seems. This is where I can see Bezos coming to Scott and saying that they are missing the connection with software and he is the one to create their identity with one. Amazon is on the verge of creating a phone most likely and if they had their own custom software tailored to them, I think that would be the missing piece in competing against apple. I also think Forstall's "skumorphic" design fits better with a company like amazon than apple.
The only issue I see is how its pitched to him. How much control will he have and who will he have to answer too. Also, I think the perception of Amazon as a retail company like Walmart and not a typical computer company could hurt. Bezos also said he really enjoys working in teams solving problems with an empty whiteboard. That does not seem very Forstall. I am sure that there most likely is a no compete clause in his contract as well. In the end I think he will venture out into something completely different and new. Like what Tony Fadell did.