Syncing Music to WP8 -- Tips? Tricks? Suggestions?

I'm surprised no reviews talked about it, but it's pretty bad. Yes, drag and drop is easy but if you want to sync playlists YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE A BAD TIME.

I'm on Windows 7 using the desktop app. Since WP8 no longer works with Zune, but works with iTunes instead (yes, you read that right), I loaded up my music in iTunes and created a playlist. Ran the sync and it crashed about with around 40 songs to go. Seemed song specific so I removed the songs it listed before crashing and then the sync was able to complete. That seemed to work.

If there was some kind of hack to make Windows recognize the phone as a Letter drive, I could probably run the zunplex.exe to transfer my music over. But I couldn't figure that out.

Anyone have any better ideas?