Idea: Why doesn't using the search charm on the desktop open up a search explorer in the desktop?

I preface the by saying i think metro has many good ideas and many bad ones. I am a supporter of a split interface strategy on a single machine as it allows users to tailor their computing experience.

anyway on with the post...

Windows 8 dropped the ball on so many areas of desktop integration. It feels like its always trying to get me out of the desktop... which is just not cool. There are reasons for me to be using the desktop, like work!.

since every metro app seems to be charms bar aware why isnt the desktop. Why are my search results given to me in the modern format when im obviously not using that interface at the moment. The explorer is more than capable of filtering results between apps, files ect... why not let users use that power. It seems like a real missed opportunity.

Anyone think that MS may patch in some functionality around this? I been hearing hopes since sinfosky's ousting that there may be some flexibility placed back in the platform/.