Any word on a non-phone WP8 device?

I have a Zune HD, and love it. Unfortunately, it won't last forever. I like MS's music pass, the interface style, and the device itself. I'm married to Android on my phone and don't foresee switching to WP; I like some things it does that WP doesn't and I'm not going to give that up.

And so, I'm wondering if someone is going to release a WP8 device with the phone part missing. Preferably on the smaller side, as my phone is on the larger side and I'm not in this for the display.

If there's no intention to make such a device, I would be open to getting a lower end phone as long as it could be expanded with a microSD card and putting media on it is trouble-free - but for size and price reasons, I'm not interested in the newer high end phones. 4" is a reasonable maximum screen size if the phone chassis is small, but smaller is better.

I don't intend on making a purchase in the near future - the Zune is still going strong and I don't have a burning desire to upgrade it. More or less, I'm curious if there's anything in the pipeline, or a currently available option that will be a functional mp3 player down the road when I can get it inexpensively used.