People do realize you can get the Start Button back right?

I see a ton of negative complaints about Windows 8 most of them relating to how Microsoft forced users into the Modern UI. People say Windows 8's UI makes them less productive and so flat out they will not use it. Yet I have seen at least 3-4 videos on how to get the start button back on desktop and make Windows 8 boot into desktop so you never have to see the Modern UI.

In all the reviews I have read Windows 8 is faster, more secure, and an all around good experience to use (in desktop). No one has argued otherwise. If you do not like the Modern UI then make it work for you by putting the start button back on. The only argument I can see for this is people do not want to alter the way their computing devices run and they want it to work out of the box. I however disagree one of the best things about tablets, smartphones, and now computers is that you can customize them to what you want. Microsoft says here this is what we think computing should look like and you can get it for $40. You can say no, it should look and work like this and change it.

You are still getting a deal if you buy right now. The reason I upgraded is that Microsoft has a history of updating and fixing problems. They are a good company and if Windows 8 fails I know I will have a cheap upgrade to Windows 9. I happen to like the Modern UI but what I really like is that I can choose what it should look like and what I can do.

In case you need a video for how to add the start button Link to YouTube Video