Apple TV and The Potential Impact On Education

If allowed iTunes University will branch into something much bigger and much more significant on an Apple TV. A vast database and infrastructure for online learning i.e., lectures, course materials as well as one on one tutoring delivered via an apple television would change education world wide.

Yes, I know Apple didn't invent online courses but this would actually make it main stream in a huge way. Imagine if it became main stream for students (everyone should continue education no matter what age) to be able to take classes for calculus, chemistry, sociology, history or music from a great teacher regardless of zipcode. This would be amazing for both rich and poor nations.

The question then becomes how does this kind of education compare to the traditional classroom?

How can tests be administered?

Should there be a standardization of the course work?

Is cheating a concern? Is there privacy concerns for cameras in the living room?

What courses would or would not work through this kind of medium? Is there a bandwidth issue?